Safety & Training

Environmental Cleansing Corporation is committed to providing and maintaining all reasonable and practical measures to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of its employees on the job and to ensure the safety of all other persons affected by company operations. All ECC employees are expected to cooperate and contribute toward the overall success of a project by performing in the safest possible manner in compliance with their manual, client policies, and regulatory requirements.

ECC takes all precautions to prevent damage to property within the influence of a job site. All of our safety programs will be accompanied with an Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) that is above industry standards. Each team member receives both field and classroom instructions through our in-house training program. Plus all team members are trained in the most modern equipment and technology available.

ECC recognizes the value for regular safety meetings to review and evaluate potential hazards both with equipment and job sites. We encourage all our team members to be compliant with all safety regulations and understand that the success of our company is vital to the health and safety of our employees.