Safety / Insurance


Safety is of the utmost importance to the ECC Demolition team, and we are dedicated to ensuring our entire team’s and others’ safety on the project. ECC Demolition provides OSHA classroom education, in-the-field toolbox talks, and in-house training to employees. Each team member is individually trained on each piece of equipment concentrating on the importance of safety and maintenance. We believe the proper training assists in the safety and well-being of our team and mitigates unnecessary risk on the job site. Upon starting a new project, our Safety Director will meet with the team to evaluate and identify any potential hazards and find solutions to provide a safe workplace. Our team complies with all safety requirements to ensure that project safety procedures are met.


ECC Demolition is a member of ISNWorld and Avetta, who prequalify contractors by reviewing and vetting policies, procedures, and insurance for potential clients. ECC Demolition partners with the top safety companies to compile OSHA-compliant policy and safety manuals. ECC Demolition’s policies are reviewed by JJ Safety to ensure all policies and procedures are utilizing the best practices for the industry and are inclusive of all necessary OSHA procedures.


In the normal operations of demolition, it is common for ECC Demolition to complete complex, difficult, and potentially risky projects.  Our comprehensive insurance package ensures all parties are protected in these situations.  ECC Demolition carries $5 million per occurrence in general liability insurance and $25 million per occurrence in umbrella insurance in addition to our worker’s comprehensive insurance.