Demolition in Chicagoland

Environmental Cleansing Corporation offers demolition services and has performed major demolition projects for industrial manufacturing, commercial facilities, educational institutions and more. Our state-of-the-art demolition equipment enables us to perform large-scale concrete cutting, crushing and separating, as well as steel cutting and equipment dismantling.

Selective Demolition

Environmental Cleansing Corporation can provide selective demolition services from precision removal of building components to complete building strip-outs. Our demolition experience ranges from selective interior/exterior demolition, knocking out interior walls, imploding buildings, to the leveling of entire commercial building complexes. We understand that our clients still need to perform normal activities and are sensitive to their daily operations.

Structural Demolition

Environmental Cleansing Corporation has the skilled workforce and equipment to provide cost effective structural demolition services for commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental sectors. When the project involves the removal of all building structures, we will depart the site of hazardous materials and remove all of the building improvements, including, where appropriate, the recycling of materials.