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High Reach Demolition

#11 Battery

Dismantlement of 210-foot steel structure and conveyors over an active 13,000kw substation powering the largest iron producing blast furnace in the northern hemisphere.
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333 Lake Street, Bloomingdale

Complete demolition of an 85,000 sf 3-story commercial office structure with a basement parking garage. Scope of work included complete demolition of structure including deep foundations for basement garage, backfill of basement, and stabilization of demolition area.
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IHW Sinter Plant

Complete demolition of expired sinter plant. Abatement, demolition, and processing of all recyclable materials grossing 6,000 gross tons of steel for recycling.  The project was completed within the client’s timeline.
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Little Company of Mary

Dismantlement and demolition of a 12-story bed tower that was situated 11 feet off the newly constructed and operating healthcare facility. Expert scaffolding and the proper heavy-duty equipment allowed for the structural demolition (approximately 285,000 sq. ft.) and crushing of 12-story hospital bed tower at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL.
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Star Plaza & Twin Towers

Demolition of Star Plaza Theater and the (2) 8-story Twin Towers with full basements. All brick, block and concrete was crushed onsite and used to backfill the basements.
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State Line Power Plant

When it was initially fired up, this was the largest coal-fired generating plant in the world. Exceeding 350 feet in height (not including smokestacks), this facility was completely demolished to facilitate new development. The project yielded approximately 60,000 gross tons of steel for recycling.
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