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SouthTown Star: The bank job: Southland Landmark Being Razed
December 23, 2009

A Southland landmark, the six-story Standard Bank and Trust Co. building in Evergreen Park, is being demolished to make way for a new bank building. Standard Bank has been in the building at the northwest corner of 95th Street and Western Avenue since 1970. In preparation for the demolition, the bank's employees were moved into a temporary office on the site in early fall. A new one-level branch, which Standard said will incorporate many energy-saving "green" features, is expected to be finished by late spring or early summer.

Concrete from the old 77-foot-high structure is being crushed at the site and will be reused as fill, while steel and other scrap metals will be recycled, according to Bert Brewer, with Environmental Cleansing Corp. The Markham company is doing the demolition of the building. The company is using a backhoe with an 85-foot reach to take down the structure, said Brewer, an estimator and project manager with the firm.

With Crews operating heavy equipment and busting up chuncks of concrete just a few feet from the busy intersection, the work must be done with a degree of delicacy, he said. "We are always looking over our shoulder," Brewer said. "As we get closer to the street, some additional precautions will be taken."