About ECC
Environmental Cleansing Corporation is a Chicago region demolition firm that takes pride in an industry that creates new beginnings. Dave and his brother, Matt Konopko, founded ECC in 1991. As the name implies, Environmental Cleansing Corporation started with an emphasis on remediation and asbestos removal. Over the years, ECC has acquired equipment and grown considerably in the scope of its work. The company now employs between 20 and 35 people, depending on the work load.

In a large dense city like Chicago, the best property is already being used. Companies have come to the point where the structure on their property has outlived its usefulness resulting in the structure being demolished. This causes a second, third, or even fourth use of the property. Demolition is not the end of something but the beginning of something new.

ECC's approach is to provide customer care to each and every project, the right resources to complete the work in a safe manner, and deliver the project in the most cost effective way for the client.